Yara Khoury Mikhael: Go to Congo then!

What the hell is wrong with this girl?  First of all, she should be thankful she got “elected” as Miss Lebanon 2011, yes LEBANON not Congo!  Why would you bash your own nation in front of a jury and praise a country that you don’t belong to?  In this interview, she says that Lebanon is noisy and busy! Duh! I mean it’s Lebanon, we’re 4 million people living in 10,000 square km area, we are one of the most dense countries in the world.  And then, she goes on claiming that people in Congo appreciate small things, and she goes there for a relaxation time!  Well guess what honey, you can go and live there for as long as you want!  Spoiled brat!

On another topic, who even follows and watches beauty pageants these days?  They are so 1990’s!  What are they trying to prove with these supreficial and meaningless beauty contests?  If it wasn’t for this blabbermouth’s mishap, I wouldn’t even bothered clicking on the video.


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