The Tanielian serial killers

It turns out after all that the infamous serial killers who have been murdering 9 people since last August are actually members of the Tanielian family.  Yes, the Lebanese Armenian Assyrian brothers, Georges, Aziz, Maurice, Massis and Michel are supposedly the perpetrators of these horrific acts of murder that were going on in the greater Beirut area.  The main victims of the attacks were cab drivers and their customers who were shot brutally with a 7 mm pistol on their heads,  then the criminals would drop the bodies somewhere on the roads and burn the cabs to hide the evidence.  Such a shame to see a whole family get involved in crimes like these, and especially that the motive was robbing these poor cab drivers.  Another question rises, how much money are these cab drivers making and have on them to make them easy victims for robbers and killers.

PS: It was Voice of Lebanon who revealed the name of the 5 serial killers earlier today.


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