Talbibé’s new school

Talbibé is a village in the northern part of Lebanon, a region that is simply forgotten by the government: Akkar. Talbibé’s public elementary school that accepts students till sixth grade has only 2 classrooms, and I don’t even think that we can consider them classrooms.  This looks nothing like a school that offers the right atmosphere for students to grasp the information that they are given and concentrate on their studies.  The classrooms are very tight, humidity is eating up the walls, the window glasses are shattered, hence rain, sun, wind and pretty much everything disturbs the poor children.  Can you imagine a class made up of 5th graders and 6th graders sitting in the same room altogether?  The teacher would teach the 5th graders for 30 minutes and then would proceed to teach the 6th graders for the other 30 minutes.  Can you imagine a school that has no WCs?  This situation moved young members of the Farah al Aata’ foundation to come to Talbibé and build a new school to the village’s students. 37 young men and women spent 2 months last summer in the process of constructing this new establishment.  Surely, this is not the only area of Lebanon that suffers from neglect.  I’m sure Lebanon’s politicians have better things to do, than to look after the needs of the people they represent.


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