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The modern face of Armenian music: Sirusho

So as I was watching some videos on youtube (and wasting time as usual), I found the new video of Sirusho’s song. “I like it” is her new single and the singer released the music video on November 10.  For those of you who don’t know her, Sirusho is an Armenian singer who represented Armenia in the 2008 Eurovision Song contest.  It was in that year, that people around Europe started noticing Armenia in the contest, and started waiting for their choice of singers and songs ever since.  Sadly, the quality of songs chosen has gone really bad ever since, especially with this year’s song (*vomits*).  This artist, born into a family of artists (as you’ll notice in the second video of her singing with her parents), has been singing since she was a toddler.  She is known for composing songs of her own since the age of 9, and successfully competing in international contests.

Her new music video is pretty decent for an Armenian artist who is not backed by a major international label company.

Also, there’s an old video of her singing with her parents, it looks like she was preparing for a contest or something.  You can see how much her parents encouraged and believed in her, it’s a must see video for all her hardcore fans out there.


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