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Mustafa Alloush and Fayez Shokor: Now with English subtitles

For those of you who don’t understand Arabic and want to understand the reason of the “infamous battle” that took place 2 days ago between former minister Fayez Shokor and MP Mustafa Alloush, here’s the video subtitled in English. Enjoy!


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Fayez Shokor and Mustafa Alloush: Please take it outside

A simple disagreement between Fayez Shokor, head of the Baath party in Lebanon, and MP Moustafa Alloush developed into a huge fight.  Some people see that Shokor was the one who initiated the attack, while that is true, but it is Alloush who provoked him in the first place.  Ironically, MTV interrupted the broadcast and aired a Dewars Whiskey ad celebrating Lebanese independence.  Anyway, this should never have happened on live TV, but as they say: Shit happens!#OnlyinLebanon

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