The Tanielian brothers: Correction

Following the post I made earlier today about the serial killers that were finally caught by the Lebanese intelligence yesterday night, it turns out that the Tanielian family is an Assyrian family who come from al-Qamishli region in Syria (a region known for its Assyrian population).  The family also goes by the name Bou Hanna.  Only 3 brothers have the Lebanese nationality while the other 2 don’t.  They’ve been living there for more than 25 years.  Some of the brothers have fought in the civil war and were incarcerated, but later pardoned and eventually got out of jail.  The neighbors were surprised, and didn’t expect the brothers to be killers.  They were actually caught after making a call from the cell phone of a soldier that they previously killed, which lead the police to identify them as the killers.


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Victory for Lebanon!

Lebanese national team beats South Korean team in the game that took place today in Beirut, Lebanon.  The final result was 2 to 1. As a result, Lebanon advances to the next round of FIFA World Cup 2014 qualifiers.  Congratulations Lebanon!  Maybe, we’ll be cheering for our national team and hanging Lebanese flags everywhere instead of cheering for Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Argentina…. like we always do.

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The Tanielian serial killers

It turns out after all that the infamous serial killers who have been murdering 9 people since last August are actually members of the Tanielian family.  Yes, the Lebanese Armenian Assyrian brothers, Georges, Aziz, Maurice, Massis and Michel are supposedly the perpetrators of these horrific acts of murder that were going on in the greater Beirut area.  The main victims of the attacks were cab drivers and their customers who were shot brutally with a 7 mm pistol on their heads,  then the criminals would drop the bodies somewhere on the roads and burn the cabs to hide the evidence.  Such a shame to see a whole family get involved in crimes like these, and especially that the motive was robbing these poor cab drivers.  Another question rises, how much money are these cab drivers making and have on them to make them easy victims for robbers and killers.

PS: It was Voice of Lebanon who revealed the name of the 5 serial killers earlier today.

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Vahide saçlarını kazıttı!

Türk sinema ve dizi oyuncusu Vahide Gördüm’e 20 Eylül’de göğüs kanseri teşhisi kondu. Ünlü oyuncunun hastalığın üçüncü evresinde olduğu belirlendi. Bunun için, diziye ara verme kararı aldı ve kemoterapi nedeniyle dökülen saçlarını“Adını Feriha Koydum” reytinglerini kıran dizinin sette tamamen kestirdi.  Ünlü oyuncu evli ve bir kızı var.

Büyük geçmiş olsun, dualarımız sizinle Vahide!

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Yara Khoury Mikhael: Go to Congo then!

What the hell is wrong with this girl?  First of all, she should be thankful she got “elected” as Miss Lebanon 2011, yes LEBANON not Congo!  Why would you bash your own nation in front of a jury and praise a country that you don’t belong to?  In this interview, she says that Lebanon is noisy and busy! Duh! I mean it’s Lebanon, we’re 4 million people living in 10,000 square km area, we are one of the most dense countries in the world.  And then, she goes on claiming that people in Congo appreciate small things, and she goes there for a relaxation time!  Well guess what honey, you can go and live there for as long as you want!  Spoiled brat!

On another topic, who even follows and watches beauty pageants these days?  They are so 1990’s!  What are they trying to prove with these supreficial and meaningless beauty contests?  If it wasn’t for this blabbermouth’s mishap, I wouldn’t even bothered clicking on the video.

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Fayez Shokor and Mustafa Alloush: Please take it outside

A simple disagreement between Fayez Shokor, head of the Baath party in Lebanon, and MP Moustafa Alloush developed into a huge fight.  Some people see that Shokor was the one who initiated the attack, while that is true, but it is Alloush who provoked him in the first place.  Ironically, MTV interrupted the broadcast and aired a Dewars Whiskey ad celebrating Lebanese independence.  Anyway, this should never have happened on live TV, but as they say: Shit happens!#OnlyinLebanon

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Armenia in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

Six months after Azerbaijan’s Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal’s victory in the 2011 version of the Eurovision Song Contest, Europe’s biggest TV show, that was held in the German city of Düsseldorf, and Armenia hasn’t decided yet whether or not it will be taking part in the 2012 version of the contest that is going to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan.  While the officials at the EBU and the contest supervisors claim that the Eurovision is nothing but a song contest that brings 40 or plus European nations together to enjoy music and art, many of us know that for many countries this has to do with more than art, it has to do with national pride, politics and national identity.  Neighbor countries tend to vote for each other, former Soviet republics always tend to support each other with the exception of the republics of the Caucasus.  The song contest that began with a little number of European countries back in the 50s, witnessed a great expansion and development especially in the last twenty years when it began accepting the entry of several countries from Eastern Europe, the former soviet republics and even non European countries such as Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia (Yes I know that many of these countries are considered European, but on the other hand many sources do not recognize them to be part of Europe: While Armenia and Cyprus are entirely in Asia, they are considered to have historical, cultural and socio-political ties to Europe.  And while Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia have part of their territories in the old continent, Israel is allowed to take place in the contest because of its cultural relations with Europe).  Back to Armenia’s participation in next year’s event, the Armenian delegation has been taking so long in making a simple decision: Are we going to Baku in 2012 or not? What is so difficult to decide.  Their main response is that they are waiting for security guarantees by the EBU and by the Azerbaijani government.  Seriously?  What’s the worst that can happen, will the Azerbaijanis immediately attack the Armenian delegation once it sets its steps in Baku?  The ESC 2012 is a major international event, and Azerbaijan will do anything to guarantee the success of the contest and prove itself to Europe and the world.  I don’t think they’re gonna take any risk by attacking or harassing the Armenian singer(s) and delegation.  On another note, personally, I believe that the Armenian delegation has failed to send successful candidates to the ESC every year with the exception of 2008.  And don’t get me started on the choice of songs,  we can take an example from Azerbaijan whether we like it or not.  Their choice of singers and songs improved exponentially from 2008 till 2011, that is why they deserved their well earned victory last May.

So Armenia, what’s it gonna be next year?

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