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Yara Khoury Mikhael: Go to Congo then!

What the hell is wrong with this girl?  First of all, she should be thankful she got “elected” as Miss Lebanon 2011, yes LEBANON not Congo!  Why would you bash your own nation in front of a jury and praise a country that you don’t belong to?  In this interview, she says that Lebanon is noisy and busy! Duh! I mean it’s Lebanon, we’re 4 million people living in 10,000 square km area, we are one of the most dense countries in the world.  And then, she goes on claiming that people in Congo appreciate small things, and she goes there for a relaxation time!  Well guess what honey, you can go and live there for as long as you want!  Spoiled brat!

On another topic, who even follows and watches beauty pageants these days?  They are so 1990’s!  What are they trying to prove with these supreficial and meaningless beauty contests?  If it wasn’t for this blabbermouth’s mishap, I wouldn’t even bothered clicking on the video.


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Armenia in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

Six months after Azerbaijan’s Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal’s victory in the 2011 version of the Eurovision Song Contest, Europe’s biggest TV show, that was held in the German city of Düsseldorf, and Armenia hasn’t decided yet whether or not it will be taking part in the 2012 version of the contest that is going to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan.  While the officials at the EBU and the contest supervisors claim that the Eurovision is nothing but a song contest that brings 40 or plus European nations together to enjoy music and art, many of us know that for many countries this has to do with more than art, it has to do with national pride, politics and national identity.  Neighbor countries tend to vote for each other, former Soviet republics always tend to support each other with the exception of the republics of the Caucasus.  The song contest that began with a little number of European countries back in the 50s, witnessed a great expansion and development especially in the last twenty years when it began accepting the entry of several countries from Eastern Europe, the former soviet republics and even non European countries such as Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia (Yes I know that many of these countries are considered European, but on the other hand many sources do not recognize them to be part of Europe: While Armenia and Cyprus are entirely in Asia, they are considered to have historical, cultural and socio-political ties to Europe.  And while Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia have part of their territories in the old continent, Israel is allowed to take place in the contest because of its cultural relations with Europe).  Back to Armenia’s participation in next year’s event, the Armenian delegation has been taking so long in making a simple decision: Are we going to Baku in 2012 or not? What is so difficult to decide.  Their main response is that they are waiting for security guarantees by the EBU and by the Azerbaijani government.  Seriously?  What’s the worst that can happen, will the Azerbaijanis immediately attack the Armenian delegation once it sets its steps in Baku?  The ESC 2012 is a major international event, and Azerbaijan will do anything to guarantee the success of the contest and prove itself to Europe and the world.  I don’t think they’re gonna take any risk by attacking or harassing the Armenian singer(s) and delegation.  On another note, personally, I believe that the Armenian delegation has failed to send successful candidates to the ESC every year with the exception of 2008.  And don’t get me started on the choice of songs,  we can take an example from Azerbaijan whether we like it or not.  Their choice of singers and songs improved exponentially from 2008 till 2011, that is why they deserved their well earned victory last May.

So Armenia, what’s it gonna be next year?

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N7W and Jeita: What went wrong?

Everyone in Lebanon had their hopes high about Jeita securing a spot in the list of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, even the voting trends were showing Jeita as being in a good position relative the other sites that were competing.  I, on the other hand, was never excited about this whole idea from the beginning.  What are we trying to prove here?  Why is it that as Lebanese, we always seek approval from other countries?  What saddens me the most (or makes me laugh the most) are the Lebanese politicians, actors and celebrities who appeared in a very lame commercial made by Impact BBDO Beirut, where every one of them urges the Lebanese population to vote for Jeita.  What’s even worse is that the ad is a copy of a commercial directed by Steven Spielberg, in that version Hollywood celebrities appear to encourage people to stand up and vote on the upcoming election (that of November 2008).  The other point that struck me is that this so called organization is not recognized by the UNESCO, so where does it get its international legitimacy from?  Who gave them the right to organize such competitions?  Another flaw was the ability of each voter or individual to vote several times, as if it’s a reality TV contest.  Let’s assume Jeita Grotto had won a place in the list of the new seven wonders, what was this victory going to bring anything to Lebanon?  More tourists you say!  How will the very primitive Lebanese infrastructure accommodate the “masses” of tourists going up to Jeita (assuming they’re heading there from Beirut).  And finally, some people claimed that the government wasted millions of dollars on this project, while they could have spent the people’s money somewhere else, like on the educational system.  I mean seriously, why did it take the Lebanese university one month to open its doors to its students at the beginning of this scholastic year?  That being said, the same organization is holding a new competition dedicated to select new 7 wonder cities, a new scam in the making.

Below are the two ads made for Jeita.  In the first one, politicians and celebrities ask the people not to vote for them but to vote for Jeita.  I mean seriously, you don’t have to ask us: we were not gonna vote for you anyway.  In the second ad, each one of them promises the viewers something, Miss Lebanon promises a kiss on each voter’s cheek for example (ew! like I want to be kissed by that horsed teeth monkey… OK, I know I’m being hard on her, but let’s face it that girl couldn’t be the most beautiful girl in Lebanon).  And then the politicians promise us not to attack each other (verbally that is) for 3 hours. Three whole hours? Wow, we’re lucky! WTF! What is wrong with them, do they think we are that stupid?  Well, maybe we are for electing such men as representatives of the people.

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