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Multiple attacks on foreign missions in Syria

The Arab league suspended Syria’s membership last Saturday, November 12, and with it began a new era in the timeline of the Syrian uprising against President Assad’s regime.  Many think that this is paving the road for an international intervention in Syria as it feels abandoned by its Arab counterparts.  Following this announcement, the French and Turkish embassies were attacked in Damascus, in addition to the Turkish consulates in the cities of Aleppo and Latakia.  This included the burning of Turkish flags and pictures of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the modern Turkish republic.  Several weeks ago, the Arab League had come to an agreement with the Syrian government to stop the bloody attacks on its own civilians, but as it turns out the government failed to abide by the agreement and as most of you have noticed, November might just have been the bloodiest month in the history of the conflict in Syria with more than 20 people being killed each day.  So what’s the next step to be taken in Syria?  A NATO intervention?  Is the opposition really homogeneous and unified?  Those are the questions that are on the minds of many Syrians these days.


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